The Climans Group Inc. | Inrastructure

Process Management : Establishment of guiding principles, investment thresholds and management of RFQ & RFP processes.

The Climans Group advised a public agency on the most effective means to attract investor and airline participation in the development and operation of greefield airport. We served as a lead member of the consulting team that established guidelines and a marketing strategy for private participation in the project. We played a lead role in the initial stages of attracting airline commitments to the start-up phase of the project, including the production ans evaluation of a Request for Proposals and provision of related financial advisory services.

Evaluation Criteria: Determination of qualitative and quantitative measures for competitive bids, technical weights and production of bis evaluation forms.

The Climans Group advised a public agency on the process for divestiture by means of a 99-year lease of an international airport and adjoining industrial park. We server as a member of the consulting team that prepared the financial and marketing strategy for disposal, and conducted the RFP process on behalf of agency. Services included property valuation, preparation of an RFP process, evaluation of proposals, and negotiation support in obtaining 'best and final offers'.

Proposal Evaluation: Due diligence of investor qualifications, financial evaluation of proposed terms and conditions, and identification of risk factors.

The Climans Group was retained by a national transportation agency to serve as the Process Consultant to the Proposal Evaluation Committee involved in the transfer to the private sector of existing runways, taxiways, control tower, air navigation aids, hangers and all other airside facilities and services by means of long term ground lease ans related development, operation and management agreements. We worked with committee chairpersons and members to define evaluation criteria with respect to each element of the project, to advise on the appropriate evaluation methodology including criteria weights and numarical scores, and to serve as an author of the Evaluation Committee Report.

Negotiation Support: Liaison between parties including side-by-side comparisons of competitive proposals, negotiation of best and final offers, and negotiation of contracts, leases ans agreements.

The Climans Group advised a multi-national agency and senior government officials regarding the process to privatize a domestic airport. We conferred with senior government ministers ans representatives of the investor group regarding financial and operational strategies to implement a ground lease that would encourage private redevelopment of the airport and expansion to include international service. Subsequently we recommended a policy framework for the government and implemented the negotiation process.