The Climans Group Inc. | Management Consulting

Corporate Effectiveness : Re-engineering of administrative structures ans business practices to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public and private organizations.

The Climans Group directed a comprehensive review of the judicial agency. The research program involved the development of performance benchmarks to measure value for money, levels of customer service and other key performance criteria applicable to each division of the agency. The study included on-site peer reviews in comparable organizations in several jurisdictions.

Management Audit: Forensic and real-time assessment of corporate practices measured against management targets ans statutory guidelines.

The Climans Group evaluated the manner in which a series of a large scale commercial development projects were undertaken as partnerships with the private sector, in order to improve the process for concluding successful lease and development agreements. We served as project manager of a multi-disciplinary legal, planning and financial consulting team that analyzed corporate land development, design and marketing policies and procedures including design guidelines, financial objectives, marketing strategies and negotiation procedures. We advised senior management on the steps to improve project coordination procedures. We advised senior management on the steps to improve project coordination and refine marketing procedures to attract qualified investors in real estate development projects.

Benchmarking & Best Practices: Establishment of baseline performance and management targets that promote innovation within organizations and build systems for sustainable growth.

The Climans Group served as a lead member of the consulting team that conducted a comprehensive performance appraisal of an international airport and the corporate entity set up to facilitate private expansion and ongoing operation of the airport. We conducted a detailed appraisal of the systems and procedures to develop, manage and finance the airport, analysed development plans and financial projections for terminal development and airport operations. Recommendations were made to improve the operation effectiveness of the airport management company and enhance the commercial viability of the airport to potential equity and debt investors.

Stakeholder Consultation Solicitation and interpretation of inter-disciplinary views from program participants and administrators to guide policy and program development.

The Climans Group participated in a detailed review of the commercialization of four international airports following their transfer to local airport authorities. Our analysis involved interviews with airport management, Board of chairpersons, senior airline officials, commercial tenants and other public interest stakeholders, regarding the steps taken to achieve the policy objectives and program goals of airport devolution. Recommendations offered to the client addressed policies and other initiatives to enhance the devolution process and related airport commercialization initiatives.