The Climans Group Inc. | Inrastructure

Aviation : Commercial and general aviation airport marketing, management, financing, development and operation.

The Climans Group served as an advisor to a multinational financial institution to produce a land development concept and marketing strategy to guide the transfer of ownership of a 5,000 acre former United States military base. We participated in meetings with international airport management, real estate development and construction companies to define options to the ownership, management and financing of the property and advised the financial institution on the key elements of a privatization strategy for the property.

Marine: Market demand studies, traffic forecasts and property redevelopment studies.

The Climans Group developed an independent projection of the demand for all cargo types that would be handled by a major national port facility for a ten-year period. The projections considered the impacts of facility expansion programs in competitive ports and the implications of alternative shipment modes. The study also assessed the cost advantages to conduct certain port-related activities in non-marine locations.

Utilities: Managerial efficiency, outsourcing and investor solicitation.

The Climans Group was retained to prove expert testimony in support of an association of municipalities that was seeking to amend the regulated formula for expansion and extension of natural gas service. We presented evidence regarding the merits of “pooling” communities in order to achieve a critical mass of consumers to provide financial support for the provision of natural gas service.

Urban Transit: Development partnerships in transit station development and valuation of air rights and mixed-use, development scenarios.

The Climans Group assessed alternative techniques for direct private sector investment in municipal rail transportation facilities. We served as a real estate market and financial advisor to a financial multinational institution to assess the timing and magnitude of revenues from benefit sharing formulas for financing capital projects. We assessed the risk in a competitive property market arising from district taxation involving one-time and recurring charges on existing and future development in vicinity of heavy rail transit stations.