The Climans Group Inc. | 1993 - Present

A Partial List of Projects In Key Sectors

Public Infrastructure: Facilitated the implementation of complex transactions comprising managed competitions, long-term lease, and outright sale of assets. Advised public owners and private investors with respect to conditions for successful transactions, coordinated the procurement process, prescribed actions to avoid and mitigate risks. Provided unique insights into the valuation of transportation infrastructure including major international airports, green-field airport sites, and smaller commercial and general aviation airports including:

  • Expert witness retained by the Chief Commissioner of State Revenue and the Crown Solicitors Office for New South Wales, Australia, in a dispute involving the valuation of Sydney International Airport ($5.8 billion);
  • Expert witness retained by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation in Ontario, Canada in a dispute involving the valuation of Lester B. Pearson (Toronto) International Airport;
  • Expert witness retained by Lockheed Martin Corporation in Los Angeles, California, in a dispute involving the valuation of the B-6 plant (“Skunkworks”) acquired for expansion of Bob Hope Airport; Served as a strategic advisor and facilitator to Federal, State and municipal agencies in Canada, New York, Illinois, Indiana, Texas, Arizona and Florida, providing leadership and coordination with respect to financing, marketing, construction, relocation, lease and sale of transportation facilities;
  • Served as an advisor to the International Finance Corporation (World Bank) and Inter-American Development Bank on the actions necessary to successfully privatize commercial and former military airports in Nigeria, Guyana and Panama.

Public Sector Reorganization: Guided corporate reorganizations that realigned corporate structures with evolving mandates for the delivery of customer services.

  • Led a corporate reorganization of the Court Clerks Office in Broward County, Florida, that involved process mapping of all administrative practices, charting best practices in similar organizations, and developing a streamlined business and facilities management structure to reduce tax-funded operating expenses.
  • Led a corporate reorganization of the private company that acquired the facilities and fleet that comprised the international airport in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Developed a job description for each position in the organization, a job scale that would measure and rank the contribution of each position to the corporation’s mandate, and a salary structure that would recognize changes in customer service including multi-tasking that followed the transformation from public agency to a private operator.

Corporate Real Estate: Acting on behalf of organizations in the public and private sectors, produced asset management strategies for multi-building portfolios. Implemented divestiture programs for surplus assets or as part of an orderly wind-down of businesses. Prescribed property and portfolio management strategies, and guided transactions of sites subject to restrictive zoning.

  • As an expert witness in disputes regarding development impacts and the value of major commercial properties, performed valuations of mixed-use properties including the largest concentration of prime commercial office buildings in Canada (14 million square feet in 6 properties, valued in excess of $5 billion).
  • As an expert witness on behalf of major retail companies in the general merchandise and food store categories, and major property developers, recommended the timing and scope of development for new projects with regard to the mix and market share of competitive properties.
  • Coordinated multi-disciplinary teams of engineering, architectural and financial specialists that produced real estate asset management plans for large commercial and institutional portfolios.
  • Prescribed the mix of land uses that would be profitable in unique commercial venues, and to exploit unique competitive sites including airport concessions and transit-oriented development.